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George & Angie Williams

George and Angie Williams began Safety One Industries (formerly Strike First Corporation of America) in 1991 with an idea. For George and Angie, the creation of this idea was actually a simple question; how can quality impact the development of the building and architectural industry? The conceptualization of quality became the fundamental foundation of Safety One Industries and continues to influence all our products well into the twenty-first century. Safety One Industries is now a leading fire extinguisher cabinet manufacturer.

Quality is what makes Safety One Industries different from our competition. George and Angie beat all odds to supply a product that had a promising future and solid foundation. It is with this ideal that Safety One Industries has grown from offering only one style of fire extinguisher cabinet with limited sizes, to offering over 150 different fire extinguisher cabinet styles, sizes and accessories. As a premier fire extinguisher cabinet manufacturer, we can accommodate to any custom job requirement for interior, exterior and high-end cabinets.

Safety One Industries is an internationally recognized company that has customers all over the world and thousands across the United States of America. Headquartered in Front Royal, Virginia, our manufacturing facility is stocked with the complete Safety One Industries product line, enabling easy accessibility for our distributor and end-user. Call us at 800-255-5515 or visit for more information on fire extinguisher cabinets and accessories.

Safety One Industries Front Royal Virginia

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Strike First Corporation of America is Changing its Name to Safety One Industries!

We have a new name, but will continue to provide the same great products and service our customers have come to expect. Safety One Industries features the highest quality products in the industry, all manufactured right here in the USA. We offer superior customer service with associates trained in architectural requirements for standard and fire-rated cabinet applications. Our extensive inventory in our headquarters in Front Royal, VA allows for prompt order processing and shipment.

Our new url is If you have any questions about the change, please Contact Us.


Note: Strike First Corporation of America and Williams Brothers Corporation of America were and are not in any way affiliated with the Strike First brand, Strike First Corporation (see, The Williams Brothers Corporation (see or Williams Strike First Inc. The wholly distinct and unrelated business operations of Strike First Corporation, The Williams Brothers Corporation or Williams Strike First Inc. are and remain unaffected by the name change as they were and remain wholly distinct and unrelated businesses.