Hose & Hydrant Storage Series Cabinets Sizes & Specifications

Fire Hose Storage Cabinet Dimension Drawing
Hydrant House Dimension Drawing


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Model # Door Style Accom. Ext Size Interior Tub Overall Rough Opening Trim Size Price
CM1101 Full Metal $1,274.33 Buy Now
CM1101-24 Full Metal $1,489.00 Buy Now
CM1101-36 Full Metal $1,785.00 Buy Now
HYDRANT Full Metal $3,294.50 Buy Now

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Strike First Corporation of America is Changing its Name to Safety One Industries!

We have a new name, but will continue to provide the same great products and service our customers have come to expect. Safety One Industries features the highest quality products in the industry, all manufactured right here in the USA. We offer superior customer service with associates trained in architectural requirements for standard and fire-rated cabinet applications. Our extensive inventory in our headquarters in Front Royal, VA allows for prompt order processing and shipment.

Our new url is www.safetyone.com. If you have any questions about the change, please Contact Us.


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